Favourite Martial Arts Channels On YouTube

I’m Paul Willson I am a brown belt in Ju Jutsu, a centuries old Japanese martial art.

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

I spend probably too much time on YouTube watching various martial art videos some are good, some are very good and most are terrible. Here is a list of 5 of my favourite martial YouTube channels.

1# McDojoLife

There are martial art schools out there that sell fake martials arts, teach techniques that will never work in a million years and charge a large fee for teaching it. Rob at McDojoLife exposes these schools. He has even has received death threats for doing so. What I like about the McDojoLife videos is that Rob doesn’t ridicule what he sees, he analyses it and explains from his own experience what is wrong with with it and investigates the martial arts school and teachers backgrounds. Some videos are scary, some are funny but Rob is always fair.

2# Jesse Enkamp

Jesse Enkamp, the self titled Karate nerd, is a world class Karate competitor. Jesse’s has an entertaining and engaging style and with his obvious passion for Karate, especially the history of Karate, produces enjoyable videos which you wouldn’t expect to enjoy.

3# fightTIPS

If you want to get MMA training tips this is an excellent YouTube channel beginners. It has good tips on fitness strikes, takedowns and everything you need to improve your MMA skills which you can then practise at your MMA gym.

4# Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center With Jake Mace

Jake Mace practices Kungfu and fighting Tai Chi on his YouTube Channel but isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. What I like from Jake’s channel are his fitness videos more than his techniques. These are good to pick up some stretching and fitness tips. Some of them can be a bit hard for the beginner but they are good all the same.

5# Enter The Dojo Show

If you want a bit of martial arts comedy then look no further than Enter The Dojo Show with Master Ken. This is a comedy channel making fun of the fake martial arts out there. If you like your comedy silly then this is a channel for you. This works because Master Ken does actually know martial arts with not forgetting a kick to the groin.

Let us know if there are any other YouTube Channels we should know about


Published by Paul Willson

I am Paul Willson. I have reached the rank of brown belt in Ju Jutsu. Thanks to Coronavirus I not been able to take my black belt grading stopping my martial art's journey in its tracks which the only polite word I can think of as frustrating. I have created this blog to try and help anyone who is thinking of starting a martial art or has just started a martial art.

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