Why Take Up A Martial Art?

For me the best part about martial arts is that dojos are extremely positive places. I have never gone to a dojo that or been to a Ju Jutsu course where the people have not been friendly or encouraging or welcoming. The chances are you will make new friends.

Why Did I Choose Ju Jutsu?

I thought the best topic to discuss for my first blog is why did I choose Ju Jutsu as my martial art. What made me think with all the different martial arts out there that Ju Jutsu was for me?

I’ll start with an admission, I didn’t see Ju Jutsu and think WOW I have to do that. I also started Ju Jutsu later in life as in I didn’t start Ju Jutsu when I was a child. In fact I didn’t start any martial art until my late thirties. So what made me go into a Ju Jutsu dojo?