Martial Arts Advice for the Beginner

Have you ever wanted learn a martial art and don’t know which one to choose? You have checked out the various martial arts videos on YouTube and the internet, seen videos and blogs from “martial arts experts” about which are the best and worst martial arts and feel even more lost than when when you started looking.

Perhaps you have just started and have seen a video which is telling people your chosen martial art is no good because it isn’t used in MMA or does not work in “real life”.

This blog is here to help you find, what is in my opinion, the best advice out there as well as give my own two pence worth.

Latest from the Blog


Due to my training partner doing evening bar work to help pay for his mortgage I have found that I haven’t had anyone to train with which meant I have had to help teach. Now I have helped teach when many of my training partners have been sick/busy/on holiday etc before but that was actually…

Away From The Mats

Thanks to Coronavirus, like most people, my martial arts training had to stop. As lockdown eased we could return to partial training which was no contact training which is quite hard to do with Ju Jutsu so we practiced striking and worked on our fitness. I have to say I enjoyed it more than I…

Back To The Blog

It has been 5 months since my last blog post which is a serious neglect of my blog. I did have a good reason which was job hunting. I got made redundant in November 2020 which although wasn’t a shock caused meant we had only one wage earner. Then the Coronavirus pandemic hit and the…

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