Martial Arts Advice for the Beginner

Have you ever wanted learn a martial art and don’t know which one to choose? You have checked out the various martial arts videos on YouTube and the internet, seen videos and blogs from “martial arts experts” about which are the best and worst martial arts and feel even more lost than when when you started looking.

Perhaps you have just started and have seen a video which is telling people your chosen martial art is no good because it isn’t used in MMA or does not work in “real life”.

This blog is here to help you find, what is in my opinion, the best advice out there as well as give my own two pence worth.

Latest from the Blog

Lockdown and Martial Arts

I’m going to start this post with a mind blowing thought “CORONAVIRUS SUCKS”. Is your mind blown? I thought not. To get through the pandemic we have given up a lot that we have taken for granted. Sadly some of us have lost friends and family to coronavirus.

Suffragettes and Ju Jutsu

Before the beginning of the First World War Great Britain wasn’t a hugely democratic country. Until the 1867 Reform Act most men didn’t have the vote. The Reform Act changed this but women still most certainly weren’t allowed to vote.

What If You Just Don’t Get It

We have all been in a situation where no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get a technique right. Even if your instructor or training partner is being very compliant and helpful.

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